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Animal Writes

Sep 18, 2017 10:57AM ● By Melanie Burns

Spring Farm Sanctuary celebrated it’s Grand Opening at the end of July to recognize the successful rescue of 12 farm animals including five young steers, two lambs, two hens, two goats and one pig, all of which were scheduled to be butchered. The sanctuary is a new non-profit organization in Long Lake asking people to consider not eating meat, eggs or dairy.

With the help of generous donors, Robin Johnson, founder of Spring Farm Sanctuary, and her team of volunteers completed construction on a brand new barn and fenced pasture situated on over 20 acres in Long Lake in the spring of 2017. Johnson had been a vegetarian for much of her adult life, and after reading the book, “The Lucky Ones” by Jenny Brown, became a vegan, eating only plant based foods. In the book and with further research she learned how factory farming has changed how our meat, eggs and dairy products are manufactured. The conditions animals are kept in to produce enough food for our growing population are almost always inhumane and usually filled with growth hormones and antibiotics to create optimal food production.

While going completely meatless and dairy free seems like a big change for many people, Johnson encourages people to start by adopting “Meatless Mondays." The average American eats nearly 200 pounds of meat each year. Cutting down on meat consumption not only saves thousands of animals lives but will also improve your health and our environment. Medical studies have proven limiting or eliminating animal based foods from a diet can help improve symptoms and ailments associated with high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease. The popular documentary, “What The Health,” has helped shed light on the benefits of plant based diets to a wider audience.

Spring Farm Sanctuary’s mission is to educate the local community and bring awareness around the conditions animals are kept in factory farms. The sanctuary depends on donations and volunteers to keep the animals healthy and safe. Tours are offered for a small donation that helps pay for food and veterinary care. Find more information about Spring Farm Sanctuary at

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