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A DIY Patio Seasoning Recipe

Apr 28, 2018 11:02AM ● By Chris Pederson
Minnesotans talk about the weather a lot and often with the same ridiculous insights repeated every year usually attributed to the current month or season. We've all heard after a snowfall in March someone say, "I thought the snow was over for the season".  You hear this and think, it's gotta be this guys 30th March as an adult living here and he is still surprised we got snow this month?

Or during a brisk day in October, someone will squint their eyes, purse their lips and nod to themselves as if preparing to deliver a profound insight but what actually comes out is,  "I think fall is finally here."  And you think to yourself, well since fall officially began last month that would make sense that it is here...but I'm glad you "finally" agree.

Alright, so we all just like making small talk about the weather even if we disagree sometimes on the necessity of certain commentary. Yet here is one thing we can all agree on: Patio Season in Minnesota is way too short but also very awesome. Of course there will always be the 3 Grilly Goats Gruff searing steaks in their shorts at the beginning of April claiming patio season lasts 6 months, but realistically we have 4 solid months of comfortable patio weather.  That sweet spot from late May through late September when the weather grants us the glory of sitting with good friends over grilled grub and enough cold drinks to quench even the hottest patio parties.

Problem is not everyone has their own patio and that's a shame. Though, usually that shame comes from the fact that patios can be very expensive to build especially when you consider the comfy furniture set needed to create the full backyard oasis, which 2nd Shade Patio Furniture can certainly make happen.

However, I can say from first-hand experience that after helping plan, procure materials, landscapers and equipment to build a patio in Medina last May, it can be done on your own for less money, so long as you have the grit to replace it. Thankfully, through the hard work of neighbors, professional landscapers, local businesses and a camera crew documenting our whole project last Spring, we were able to create a series of DIY videos showcasing how to build a patio from start to finish. A choice that will truly save thousands of extra dollars in lieu of hiring professionals.  These How To videos are available on Highway 55 Rental's YouTube channel here How to Build a Patio or How to Build a Deck. You'll also find some outtakes and bloopers with a few of your favorite KFAN morning show hosts.

Bottom line, for those who have yet to install a patio in their yard ask yourself this: Is it gonna be another summer of sitting on a lawn chair in your driveway talking about how hot the pavement gets in July? Or are you going to sacrifice 3 to 4 weekends in May and June to the sod cutting, gravel packing, brick laying DIY gods and build yourself a more affordable patio for the best season of the year?

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