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Chloe & Shannon

Aug 01, 2018 08:30AM

Interview by: Mr. Fuzz
Photos by: Max Lewin

Mr Fuzz: So Chloe & Shannon, what kind of dogs are you?
Chloe:  I'm a black & silver toy poodle.
Shannon: My dad calls me LugNut, Oh, I'm a Mini Poodle, and I'm shy.
Mr Fuzz:  What brings you to "Uptown Hamel?”
Chloe: Well, My mama & dad (Sue & Buck) rescued me when I was 18 months old through Homeward bound in Monticello, MN.  I was actually born in Kansas where I was known as a puppy mill dog. I had two litters of pups before I was 18 months old. 
Shannon: I'm shy.
Chloe: That’s when Mom & Dad started rescuing poodles, well, after they got LugNut, that was enough of rescue poodles and mom decided to rescue vintage items, then chalk painted & repurposed furniture and stuff.  Mom had her first store in Chaska named after me, "Chloe Hollywood's"....Oh, and my full name is Chloe Hollywood.
Shannon: I'm shy.
Mr Fuzz:  So when did you come to Hamel?
Chloe: We moved here in May of 2012. It used to be Fortin Hardware store. Mama changed the name of the store to Chloe's Attic.
Shannon: That's when mom & dad adopted me from southern Minnesota.  When I was little I would only have 1 puppy at a time, and my owner then didn't like me because she wanted me to have more pups -- I was known as a Phantom poodle (I change colors as my hair grows out.) She would sell my puppy because (my breed) were very expensive. I was so happy when mama & papa rescued me and I became Chloe's sister. I won't go anywhere without her. I love going to the store  only when Chloe gets in the car first, I'm shy.
Mr Fuzz: How often do you two work at the store?
Chloe: Sometimes we go Fridays, noon to 6, but usually Saturday 11-5 and Sunday's 11-4.
Shannon: I only go when Chloe goes, she's my big sister and loves kids and elderly people. If she lets people hold her I might let people pet me -- because I'm shy.
Mr Fuzz: How do you like it when other dogs come to the store?
Chloe:  I love it but I do let everyone know I'M THE BOSS, and bark very loudly. Then Shannon usually barks also, then papa speaks up and barks at us. Then it's fun because visitors always get treats which mean we get treats too.
Shannon:  I'm shy.
Mr Fuzz:  Do you ever go down into Buck's bargain basement? 
Shannon: Only if Papa Buck goes down, then I do.
Chloe:  No, I prefer lounging upstairs. Makes me so mad when Mama sold that Italian leather Natuzzi couch -- that was my favorite. She always gets in new comfortable chairs and beds........just when I get comfortable and find a favorite, someone comes in and takes it away.
Mr Fuzz: What is your favorite thing to do at the store?
Shannon:  Ohhhhhhh, I love going outside and playing in the yard next door.
Chloe: Me too Shannon, but I also like to sit on Papa Buck's lap on the HEYBUCK.COM bus bench while he smokes his cigars and waves at everyone that drives by.
Mr Fuzz: When you’re not at Chloe's what do you like to do?
Chloe: We have the nicest backyard with a squirrel feeder. Every morning, I sneak out the door and go chasing after them. I could do that all day long.
Shannon: Mr Fuzz, you would like our backyard! The bunnies are so much fun to chase because they are slower and run around the yard, under the deck, through the hosta, then finally escape through the fence. Never caught one yet.
Mr Fuzz: Two more questions before you go to work. What is your favorite thing you love about your Mama Sue & Papa Buck?
Chloe: Mama shares her dinner with us.
Shannon: Ohhhhh Chloe, don't forget we love going next door to the neighbor and doing tricks for treats (we're really smart.)
Shannon: Playing with all my toys with Papa Buck;
Chloe: Laying on Papa Buck’s tummy while he is watching TV.
Mr Fuzz: Last question ladies. What is it that you love so much about your Mama Sue & Papa Buck?
Chloe:  Ohhhhh, I got this Shannon. Mama Sue and her artistic talents and her love she gives back to the Hamel community. And Papa Buck, he gives so much time up on doing his real estate with Edina Realty, and this part we didn’t understand at first, but when he leaves us to go on these Healing Haiti Mission trips and leaves us behind. He always comes back with so much love and passion and his love for serving all humankind and animals on GOD’s beautiful planet Earth.
Shannon: I'm shy but I love my rescue parents.
Mr Fuzz: Well ladies, thank you for your time and hope to see you soon in Uptown Hamel. If not, I'm sure I will see you this winter in front of Chloe's Attic getting my picture taken with Santa.

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